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Our Mission

To facilitate an easier, more equitable match for program directors nationwide.

We do this by partnering with residency programs to objectively consolidate and analyze applicant data to allow program directors to make informed decisions regarding who they interview and why. 

We strive to streamline your residency application process - saving you valuable time.

We have the capabilities and understanding necessary to help you make this year's match the smoothest yet. 

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Application Analysis and Verification

We consolidate and verify applicant data to save you valuable time.

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Online Presence Optimization

Optimizing your online presence to attract the perfect applicant.

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Application Analysis and Verification

Four Easy Steps:

1. Select and download the applications you are interested in.

2. Fill out the 'contact' form below to schedule a time to discuss your program-specific needs and how we can help fill them.

3. Sit back and relax while we analyze and verify your applicant pool per your specifications.

4. Use our analysis to select the right applicants for your program to interview.


Example Analysis and Verification

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Why would I need outside help with the match process?

The match is becoming more complicated. Every year there are more applicants to consider with increasingly impressive applications - yet your time and energy to analyze them all remains unchanged. Allow us to save you time by performing the analysis and providing you with objective data to make the right decision for your program.

What is the benefit of involving Residency Consultants in your application process?

As consultants we work directly with you to provide an unbiased and objective analysis of your applicant pool so you can focus time and energy for applicant selection and interviewing.

Why are Residency Consultants qualified to help with the Match?

The Match is a hiring process unlike any other in the world. As a physician-led company, we uniquely understand what it means to be on both sides of the process, providing invaluable insight in facilitating the Match for you and your program.

How can you customize your analysis to specific programs?

Each program is unique and each applicant has individual strengths and weaknesses. We analyze applications in order to provide you with concise metrics to find applicants that fit your program's needs.

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