The Residency Consultants Advantage

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Here are 4 ways that the Residency Consultants will improve your Residency Match this year:

  • Save time while increasing efficiency

Program directors have the difficult task of providing each application with an honest and thorough evaluation. With each application comprising 20-30 pages, this means days of reading and examining each application. We offer to make this less time consuming and more efficient by providing applicant one-sheets where program directors can get a better sense of each applicant and be more selective about where they spend their time and energy.

  • Eliminate bias

Unfortunately, biases are very real in the resident application process. While it is impossible to control for all biases, we offer "blinded" applicant one-sheets where gender, age, home institution, and other variables are concealed. This helps expose program directors to applicants they may have otherwise overlooked and helps them be more intentional in deciding who they will interview.

  • Wholistic applicant review

With so much application material to review for each applicant it is difficult for program directors to give attention to the important and unique information in each application. Using our applicant one-sheet, program directors are able to get a better impression of each applicant in less time.

  • Application verification

Program directors do not have time to verify all of the claims in each individual application, yet each year there are concerns regarding applicants misrepresenting their achievements during the interview process. We offer to verify the applicant's claims so that you can go into your interview season knowing exactly who you are interviewing.

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